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Since 1975 Virginia Class A Contractor License # 2705 009994
 One stop shop we  offer Commercial and Residential painting, Carpentry, Pressure washing, Caulking, Stain, and much more
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"....We'd like to thank all of our commercial customers in the Washington Metropolitan area
for their support and commitment over the last 30 years for trusting us for all their painting and repairing needs...."
Over 80% of our Business is repeat customers
Our Attention to quality and reasonable pricing keeps our customers  coming back year after year
We work with both Residential and Commercial properties
Residential communities, condominium, apartments, multifamily clusters, and single family homes.
Commercial shopping centers, retail buildings, office building, hospitality, healthcare, educational and worship projects

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...Capital Painting Co. is a professional painting company that surpasses our expectations, will definitely use them again and again!! - George

Quality work you can rely on! - Chris

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Project Types

The majority of our work is commercial painting which includes several different types of projects including:

Residential communities including condominiums, apartments or multifamily clusters, but we also work on selective individual residential units.

Commercial types including, shopping centers, retail buildings, office buildings, hospitality, educational, worship, healthcare properties  etc., please visit Our Clients page for some examples, or visit our Project Gallery for sample pictures of our work. 

Each project is unique, and each type of project comes with a set of challenges. The difference is what you paint and who you paint for determines our approach to the project. We tailor our services to fit the needs of the project.  Because the dividing lines are not always clear we listen to the customers needs and provide a solution that works best for them.

Even though all projects are unique and have their own individualities, the general approached and set of broad guidelines can be followed based on the project type.  Some examples are as follow:

 Residential projects, either individual houses or communities require a very good preparation and communication before the project even starts. Customers, usually homeowners, HOA and property managers have to all be involved from planning to executions to completion. Proposals must to clear and detailed.  Colors and product selection must be clearly communicated and agreed upon, sometimes requiring the application of several mock ups or presentations. The resident must be notified ahead of time as to what is to be done and when. We take every precaution and every measure to protect the personal property of the customers. Our crews are trained to be courteous, careful, polite, and as much as possible less disruptive to the daily lives of the residents.


Retail projects including shops, malls shopping centers etc.   The priority is to reduce the interruption of the daily business. Most of the times we work while they are operating, therefore, we plan to complete the project at the maximum speed occupying the minimum space. Because usually we have do work from the road or the path of pedestrians we have to plan for the safe redirection of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.


Office projects, usually interior office spaces.  Most of the guidelines can be applied to the hospitality, healthcare, educational, worship and other institution where people congregate. Flexibility is priority in this case.  We prefer to work in those spaces when the occupants are not present and we plan accordingly. Another major consideration is product selection, fast drying low odor finishes for a fast turnaround and zero down time for the offices or institutions.